Selecting anchor points

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Choosing the right anchor point is essential for protecting your employees from falls.

Whether you decide to use a pre-existing structure or a portable engineering system, knowing the potential hazards can save lives.

Test your knowledge of how to select proper anchor points by answering True or False to the following: 

  1. For an existing structure to qualify as an anchor point, it must be able to withstand
    4,000 pounds of force per person attached.
  2. Portable anchor points don’t require rooftop penetration and are often best for quick jobs.
  3. Training your employees is the most important part of using an anchor point.

Answers to the quiz:

  1. False. It should either be able to withstand 5,000 pounds of force or should have a safety factor of two, meaning it can handle two times the forces that would be applied in a fall. Most existing structures outside of an I-beam don’t qualify, and to figure out if something does, an engineer will have to do some calculations to figure it out.
  2. True. There are a variety of portable anchor point engineering systems, and often they can be broken down into component parts that are easily moved around the work site.
  3. True. An anchor point is only as good as a worker’s understanding of how to use it. When using a mobile anchor point, make sure employees know how to tie off to it, how many people can use it at once and how it’s assembled.

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